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The Torah Scrolls From The Kaifeng Synagogue Part II

This Torah Scroll from Kaifeng may have been made between 1643 and 1663 and used in the synagogue there until around 1800. In 1851 it was acquired in Kaifeng by the London Society for Promoting Christianity Among the Jews in 1851, and in 1852 was presented to the British Museum, London. 

There were thirteen scrolls originally held by the synagogue established in 1653 in Kaifeng. Twelve of them were numbered with Hebrew letters from “aleph” to “yod-beth” and dedicated to the twelve tribes; the thirteenth, which was not numbered, was dedicated to Moses. This Torah scroll was number two (beth). (The British Library. Add MS 19250)

Torah Scroll from Kaifeng

Torah Scroll from Kaifeng.

The British Library.(Add MS 19250)

Torah Scroll from Kaifeng

The front of the Torah Scroll.

Torah Scroll from Kaifeng

End of the Book of  Deuteronomy from the Torah Scroll.

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